You’ve thrown your arm out for far too long trying to replicate long retrieves for your pup! It’s time to update your retriever training methods!


With the Dive Bomb Industries Bumper Bomber 4800, you can consistently throw bumpers 60+ yards with ease! Using basic physics, take the strain off your body and sling bumpers a country mile to give your dog the training he or she needs! The overhead release will keep your retriever focused on the sky and not at your side if you are slinging bumpers underhand. The best part is, with the bomber head, you’ll never have to bend over to pick up another bumper again!


The high-strength, lightweight aluminum shaft weighs just under one pound and has a durable black powder coat finish. It also features a comfortable rubber grip, a durable bomber head, and doubles as an excellent heeling stick for dogs of any level. 

Bumper Bomber 4800