It’s time to welcome a new floater to the ranks of the best-looking and best-swimming decoys on the market. The new F1 Pintail Floater not only looks better than every other pintail on the market, but will move enough that you’ll wonder why you ever hunted over any other decoy. Pintails are wary birds, and adding these to your existing spread, or even running them by themselves, will add not only contrast and visibility, but also confidence. Those late season birds don’t stand a chance with a few of these dancing in your spread.


With no detail spared by master decoy carver and World Champion Jon Jones, the quality of these decoys will be exactly what you’ve come to expect with the Dive Bomb line of floaters. These decoys are made of a virgin (not re-grind) blend of HDPE and LDPE plastic material, making them as tough as nails and built to last for seasons. You've never hunted over a pintail decoy like this, and whether your primary hunting location is a rice field in California, big water on the East Coast, or anywhere in between, these decoys are sure not to disappoint. 


Each of the four upright drakes and two active hens comes in a pack of six decoys. Our self-righting keels are perfectly balanced to provide insanely realistic movement on the water in even the slightest breeze. The best part is that this also means no more throwing out decoys just to have to walk out and flip them back over!

Upright Drakes - 19.5" End of Sprig to Bill, 16" without Sprig

Active Hens - 15" Tail to Bill

F1 Pintails