Tired of breaking flags? Clumsy and cumbersome open and close?  The Superflag is your solution.


The Superflag is the most durable, most innovative goose flag to ever hit the market. With a full carbon fiber shaft, ripstop nylon, double stitching, and tapered fiberglass wing rods, durability is no longer a factor. Not only is it durable, but with its rapid ready open and close system, you’ll never have to worry about hiding your flag again. Whether you are hunting out of a layout, a-frame, boat, backboard, or any other style blind, just simply retract the wings and slide the flag in your blind for concealment.

We have spent countless hours in design and development.  Tested and then re-tested, this flag is truly revolutionary and innovative.  We’re sure this will be the last flag you ever need!

Superflag (Offered in two colorways)